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BPM Success

For accounting, OISA tracked sales by agent and provided detailed reports of what was sold, when, and how much commission was due as a result. Vela took OISA one step further and provided the ability to print commission checks directly from the accounting module.

After 30 days online, OISA recouped the cost of the project threefold and in the next 120 days online sales of short term insurance become a million-dollar line of business for the insurer.

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The Challenge:

Centralized distribution for a decentralized sales force

A national company, with an independent nationwide sales force was seeing a dramatic increase in its sales material printing and distribution cost.

The company’s product required separate sets of materials for each state, and in some cases several sets of materials within a state. As the company’s field force grew, the costs escalated. The complexities of the material itself often led to delays in approval, printing and shipping.

The field force also attended many industry conventions, representing the company. With 40 sales agents and three sets of convention displays, the company had troubling with scheduling display support for the conventions, and did not have a central place to track the attendance and log support requests.

The Ideal State

The Vela solution was an Agent Extranet. Web-based but secured with a user ID and password, the Agent Extranet is a central repository and distribution system for all sales materials. Agents print their own materials from the Extranet, eliminating the need to print and distribute sales materials, and reducing print and postage costs as a result.

Because hard copies are no longer created, mid year product changes no longer require the reprinting of previously distributed sales materials. The company simply uploads the new version into the Agent Extranet and the new version automatically the out-dated version. The Extranet also informs the entire field force of any product and material changes.

The Agent Extranet is able to communicate to all agents simultaneously through a global communication module within the application. All agents receive product alerts via email as soon as that change is entered by the company into the Agent Extranet. Obviously, this is much more efficient then having to call or email each agent and have multiple iterations of the same communication.

The challenge of convention support requests were also addressed. Agents enter convention requests into the Extranet, and their request is logged and reviewed in light of all other requests received.

The company can use the request data to schedule the shipping of convention displays, spot schedule conflicts quickly and move to correct them, and capture special requests for each convention for historical reference.

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